Alright, so I'm Cami! I haven't been playing online Trading Card Games for a long time now and have just recently decided to get back into it since I had the spare time.

OPENED: 19 June 2014

Please say that Cami referred you if you join any of the TCGs that I am a part of.

★ Joined TCGs ★

TCG Activity Status Last Updated Trade Post
inactive December 14, 2019 CLICK
inactive October 09, 2021 CLICK
semi-active May 01, 2024 CLICK
inactive August 22, 2019 CLICK
hiatus October 24, 2020 CLICK
hiatus June 28, 2020 CLICK
inactive January 04, 2022 CLICK
inactive July 14, 2019 CLICK
semi-hiatus March 08, 2021 CLICK
semi-active August 27, 2023 CLICK
active July 19, 2024 CLICK
active July 19, 2024 CLICK
inactive October 30, 2020 CLICK
inactive May 03, 2020 CLICK
inactive February 23, 2020 CLICK
inactive July 18, 2019 CLICK
inactive November 02, 2019 CLICK
active September 19, 2023 CLICK

★ Legend ★

COLLECTING: Will always accept these offers unless I already have the card being offered at the time that I check my trades - I will always inform the person who sent in the trade request if that is the case.
FUTURE/KEEPING: I'll usually accept these too. I typically don't trade these away, sorry. The only time I'll make an exception is if the card in question is either the only card from the deck that I possess and, even then, it usually has to be for a card that I need for a deck in my "collecting" section.
MASTERED: Not being traded unless I have doubles since I'd lose the mastery.
TRADING: If it's here, go for it.
HOLDING: These are cards that I'm holding for friends / buddies who are part of the TCGs that I'm a part of. Some restrictions apply, though. I won't "hold" cards from my collecting decks (no matter how good a friend that person is) unless they're doubles. I might make an exception if I don't have at least half of the cards, though.

INACTIVE/HIATUS/PENDING: If a TCG is listed here, it means that I'm either currently on hiatus from that site or my membership on that site has yet to be approved / activated. They are moved to active or semi-active depending on the site subject and frequency of updates.

PLEASE USE THE FORM! You don't want to risk someone getting to the card you want before you do, right? For DW-based TCGs, please go to the TCG-specific tradepost that is linked on that TCG's card post (instructions are given on that page). I base which trader gets priority based on timestamp - so don't worry about other people requesting the same card as you.

Trade Buddies

I am always accepting trade buddies. If you would like to be one, send an email to cami.tcg[at]gmail.com or fill out the form on this page!

★ Trade Post Updates ★

November 16, 2018 This is over a month late - but I had issues with billing earlier so I ended up moving my trade post to somebody else's domain. The domains I host TCGs on (silent-oath.net and radiantwaltz.net) have been moved to free hosting providers since I don't host other people anyway.

July 23, 2018 Yeah, I went ahead and decided to move BACK to Dreamhost. Provided that I keep anti-spam measures up-to-date, the issues that forced me to move last time shouldn't be a thing.

July 3, 2018 I don't feel like paying for a separate domain just for my trade post anymore - so I went ahead and just moved it to a subdomain. Trade buddies, please update your links!

June 25, 2018 New layout has been put up, but I'm redoing the buddy images!

August 9, 2017 As you should be able to see, I've put up a brand new layout. The layout itself is from Vizune. All I did was change the header - which was made with resources from Vizune and PinkPearl. The remaining credits can be found in the footer!

July 20, 2017 I've decided to remove the skins option. I never really viewed the trade post with the other skin anyway. Because of this, I decided to just remove it.

January 21, 2017 I've decided to implement skins for the new year. Currently, there's a skin that features Eli Ayase from Love Live and another that features Luka Megurine from Vocaloid. The default is the Luka one since the Eli skin was the layout in place prior to the skinning script being implemented.

July 3, 2016 If I traded with you on Snow, please re-send your past trade requests in one form.

July 1, 2016 Dreamhost is evil and wouldn't give me my databases after disabling my account. For the next several months, I'll be re-building my collections.

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Alter Ego
Misumi (VBS Cover)
Orangestar (VBS Cover)